We are an Australian owned business.

We design and manufacture women's clothing in Australia from the highest quality fabrics.

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Welcome to the Red Earth Clothing Website. We are currently updating our website.  

  • Australian Made
  • Australian Designed
  • Australian Owned

 At Red Earth Clothing we design and manufacture stylish, finely crafted women’s clothing in Australia for the woman who embraces the highest quality and style.  Our size range is 8 – 28

Our 'wardrobe starter basics' garments are made from Modal – The Luxury of Nature. This is a natural fibre which is eco friendly and bio friendly because it is ethically milled in Australia from purpose grown plantation trees in NSW.  Modal is made from the bark of Australian plantation trees so it’s grown in Australia, milled in Australia and manufactured in Australia. Modal breaths, retains its color and keeps its shape and integrity just as and more efficiently than Cotton and Bamboo. It has a soft and luxurious feel and drapes beautifully. Modal is travel friendly, light weight and easy care.  The perfect fabric.

Adding color to Modal are lighter weight 100% Australian Modal garments in a bold selection of colors; including Chilli, Tango O, Espresso, Steele, Red and Purple.  Great stand alone pieces and also great for layering. Elegant styles that are 'wardrobe keepers'. These pieces help to build your wardrobe to be timeless and substantial.

100% Linen and 100% Cotton garments add elegance and style to your wardrobe. They are premium fabrics. The 100% Linen garments are elegant and stylish. Lending themselves to resort style wear. Beautiful and cool.

The 100% Cotton garments are a mixture of premium cotton with some garments layered with 100% Gauze Cotton adding a whimsical and feminine feel to the collection.

The Silken Chiffon Sheers are stylish and flower garments that compliment your wardrobe starter pieces, your color additions and can be worn with the linen and cotton adding a dynamic palette to your garments. This Summers Silken Chiffon Sheers are Zebra which is a bold print of electric purple, black and white and Animale which is a different and premium take on the animal print. In brown variations, cream and white. Looks stunning with the Sand colored Linen.

For more information, wholesale enquiries or to book an In House Viewing with one of our Consultants please go to our Contact page and send an enquiry. We welcome all enquiries.

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